Transport - Forwarding - Warehousing

We are very reliable in our work. We quickly respond to the needs of our customers. We provide our services on the basis of high qualified staff and top-class car fleet, which will meet all your expectations

View of the company headquarters from the national road no.36.

The hall using for stocking, re-loading and manufacturing (steel construction designed for the hall).
With the development and enlarging of the car fleet we decided to create our own car service. Warehouse with an area of 540 m2 (height of storage - 6m) is supported by high qualified staff. Due to the trade agreements we can not show pictures from the interior of the warehouse.

Our offices meet all standards and they are well equipped with often upgraded hardware. That makes our work easier.

Meetings with Clients take place in the conference rooms.

Our car fleet is constantly expanded.

Our work is our passion, but we have another hobbies as well. One of them is fishing.